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Whether you’re setting up a grow room for the first time or fine-tuning your Deep Water Culture system, the staff at Advanced Garden Supply spend time talking with you. We ask the right questions and learn what makes your grow unique. Together, we’ll find the proper techniques and equipment so that you will have an awesome harvest. Helping you grow is worth it to us, because your success is our success.

Like children, your plants start off as small, defenseless babies. A nasty spill could be the end for them. So when you hold them, you hold them carefully. When they get sick, you find the right supplement to make them healthy again. Basically, you do everything you can to ensure that your babies succeed, so that they’ll become as big and strong as you dreamed.

Growing medical cannabis is a process that requires patience, investment, and love. But in the end, when you consume your clean, home-grown medicine, you’ll know it’s all been worth it.

As your medicine grows, you will too. There’s a lot to learn about growing medical marijuana, and information found online may not always be accurate. That’s where a good grow shop comes in. Advanced Garden Supply does more than just sell you equipment, we assist you throughout the growing process, helping you understand your unique growing conditions and any issues that may arise.


Some people prefer their medical marijuana in soil, others in hydroponics. Some grow indoors, while others outside. Whatever your situation, Advanced Garden Supply has whatever grow mediums you need, with trusted brands like Fox Farm, Sohum, Botanicare, Hydroton and Promix available.


Our staff helps you find the products you need to achieve your perfect grow room. Advanced Garden Supply has you covered, with MarsHydro, Next Light and Grower's Choice LED lights, Can-Fan and Phresh carbon filters, Hurricane fans, Gorilla grow tents and much more.


If you want the big buds of your dreams, you gotta juice ‘em up. We carry top, proven nutrient lines like Advanced Nutrients, General Hydroponics and Fox Farm. Grow organically? We have organic amendments and fertilizers, too.