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About Us

Since opening in 2013, Advanced Garden Supply has remained mid-Missouri’s premier garden supply store. We have the widest selection around, with hydroponic equipment, powerful LED lights and all the plant nutrients you could hope for. With many years of experience growing, we’ll help you find the correct techniques and equipment for an awesome harvest.
We are a friendly, family-owned hydroponics store. If you’re just starting out, we will help you find the style of growing that works for you. Nobody grows in the exact same way, so our advice is tailored to your unique growing situation. Consider the staff at Advanced Garden Supply your grow support team. We take care of our customers, because your success is our success.
Advanced Garden Supply has the best indoor gardening selection in Columbia and mid-Missouri. We have a wide range of top-notch garden supplies for everyone, from the new Patient Cultivator to the advanced commercial grower.
Come in today to take care of all your growing needs!