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Grow Organically for the Cleanest Medical Marijuana

June 9, 2020

There are many different ways to make your medical marijuana grow your own. One of these choices is how to feed your plants. Some prefer to grow marijuana organically, using only substances derived from living things—typically plant or animal waste—to provide the macro and micronutrients the plants need. Others prefer to grow using synthetic nutrients, which can provide the plant with the precise nutrients it needs throughout its life. Whichever way you grow, you can produce great cannabis, but the path there is up to you.

Growing Cannabis Organically

Growing organically means not using pesticides, hormones or any other toxins. While some people believe this produces healthier marijuana, cannabis grown with synthetic nutrients is completely safe to consume. However, growing organically ensures that much of the waste and runoff produced by the grow is biodegradable. When growing organically, the focus is on improving soil health. While this is especially beneficial in outdoor growing, many indoor growers still use this method.  

There are direct benefits to the farmer when growing organic cannabis, too. Organic nutrients release slowly into the soil, so there is less chance of nutrient burn than compared with synthetic nutrients. This can be a drawback as well, as it takes longer to correct problems that may arise. Generally, you only have to add water or use a compost tea to maintain healthy plants, adding the organic amendments infrequently throughout the grow. Synthetic nutrients, on the other hand, must regularly be added back into the soil to maintain plant health. 

Some growers find that their organic cannabis tastes better than synthetically grown marijuana. Of course, as a trip to the grocery store can tell you, anything organic costs a premium. 

Using Synthetic Nutrients for Medical Marijuana

It should be noted that cannabis grown with synthetic nutrients is safe to consume. At the end of the grow, “flushing” the soil will help remove any lingering nutrients and improve the cannabis’ taste. Synthetic nutrients are effective at producing great results at an affordable price. When you provide synthetic nutrients to a plant, nutrient deficiencies appear quicker and are easily remedied because these nutrients can be directly consumed by the plant’s roots. This allows you to provide precisely what the plant requires. Another benefit of synthetic nutrients is the potential to create a sterile environment. Since organic growing primarily uses living materials of some sort, these can all attract pests to the garden. Synthetic nutrients avoid this problem. Unfortunately, synthetic nutrients can cause salt buildup in the soil. This degrades soil quality, but can be avoided with periodic flushes throughout your grow. 

Advanced Nutrients provides an entire line of nutrients that automatically adjust the PH of the soil to where it needs to be. Advanced Garden Supply has a feeding schedule that tells you exactly how and when to give the plants each nutrient. 

Whichever way you choose to grow, massive plant colas rich in THC can be achieved. If you have questions, come on by Advanced Garden Supply and check us out! We’ll help you find the type of growing style that works for you and help you grow like a pro!