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Picking the Right Pot for Your Pot

June 9, 2020

When growing medical marijuana indoors, you will face countless choices about how to set up your grow site. One of the first choices made will be the type of pots you choose to grow your marijuana in. As we have discussed before, a plant will graduate into bigger and bigger containers throughout its life. However, the type of pot you put your pot in can have a big role in how the roots, and your plant, develop over time. When it comes to pots, the two main choices are the traditional plastic container or the newer fabric pot. 

Growing Marijuana in Plastic Pots

Plastic pots have long been the standard container for growing marijuana indoors. It’s a cheap and effective option. The plastic is able to stay rigid and keep its shape well, keeping the plant in place instead of letting it shift around. Given the pot’s rigidity, it can also break easily if dropped, so be careful when handling plastic pots. You must also stay vigilant and make sure your plant does not become root bound in the pot. As plants stretch their roots in search of water, they will eventually reach the edge of the container and travel downwards. In a plastic pot, this can eventually lead to the roots becoming root bound, slowing nutrient uptake and stunting the growth of the plant. These problems can be avoided by transplanting to larger containers throughout the plant’s life. 

Using Fabric Pots for Cannabis

Fabric pots, sometimes referred to as smart pots, have become the new crowd favorite for indoor marijuana growing. The fabric pots have great drainage, which helps prevent overwatering for new growers. These pots also promote healthier root growth than plastic pots do. Instead of hitting the fabric wall and turning downwards, the root will be pruned by the air and light. This helps increase root mass throughout the entire pot instead of at the sides and the bottom.

There are some things to keep in mind with fabric pots, however. The pots dry out quicker than plastic pots do, so require more regular waterings to keep the plant satisfied. The structure of the fabric pot is quite flimsy as well, so take care when handling and training the plant. Bamboo shoots can be used to help support the plant if this becomes an issue.

If you’re not sure which pot to try out, use both and see which suits your needs better. Pots are cheap and it is helpful to have a lot on hand. Growing marijuana is a hobby that encourages constant experimentation and refining your grow techniques. Enjoy the process and you will be growing like a pro in no time!